In late 2007, UraniumSA (ASX: USA) discovered uranium mineralisation within the Kanaka Beds of the Pirie Basin at Samphire, at a location approximately 20 kilometres southwest of Whyalla within the South Australian Gawler Craton. Following approval by UraniumSA Limited shareholders at an Extraordinary General Meeting held on 22 June 2016 the Samphire Uranium Project Assets are now wholly owned by Samphire Uranium Limited (SUL).

The Samphire project contains the:

Blackbush deposit with an estimated inferred resource 64.5 million tonnes of mineralisation at a bulk grade of 230ppm containing 14,850 tonnes U3O8 at a 100ppm eU3O8 cut-off grade (JORC 2012).

Plumbush deposit with an estimated inferred resource 21.8 million tonnes of mineralisation at a bulk grade of 292ppm containing 6,300 tonnes U3O8 at a 100ppm eU3O8 cut-off grade (JORC 2004).

The estimated mineralisation is predominantly sediment hosted in Eocene age Kanaka Beds. More recent exploration has discovered uranium mineralisation in other geological settings, the most exciting of which is in an unconformity setting siting immediately above the Samphire granite and at the base of the sediment pile.

Through its own tenure and by joint venture SUL has exploration control over what it considers the most prospective portions of the Pirie Basin south of Whyalla. Work on the Blackbush deposit within the Samphire project will continue.

Competent person statement: The exploration results and mineral resources reported herein, insofar as they relate to mineralisation, are based on information compiled by Mr Russel Bluck a Director of Samphire Uranium Limited and Member of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists with sufficient experience relevant to the style of mineralisation and type of deposits being considered, and to the activity which is reported to qualify as a Competent Person as defined by the Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves (the JORC Code, 2012 Edition). Mr Bluck consents to the inclusion in the report of matters based on his information in the form and context in which it appears. It should be noted that the abovementioned exploration results are preliminary.
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